Our history :

 The ILANNFIVE brand was born in 2014 in Paris, with the opening of its first boutique in the 20th arrondissement. Then a second shop opened in Maison-Alfort before the launch of www.ilannfive.com. The brand expands quickly and opened a new shop in Greater Paris, in Levallois-Perret. From the start, the brand has been supported and endorsed by celebrities from the TV reality-shows and music world, who introduced the brand to a very large population.

After this successful first year and the enthusiasm created around the brand, the company decided to launch the brand licenses and subsequently opened some twenty stores in two years time, in France, and elsewhere. Many entrepreneurs are optimistic about the adventure ILANNFIVE and even opened new stores abroad, such as in Mauritius at the end of 2016.

At the beginning of 2017, the brand's global development accelerated and new stores opened internationally, for instance in Belgium, Portugal and Luxembourg, and in May the first ILANNFIVE boutique in the United States opened in Boca Raton, Florida. Many openings are being prepared around the world, including a series of stores in the most beautiful cities of the United States in New York or Los Angeles.

Every ILANNFIVE boutique opening is a real event not to be missed! A great atmosphere, animation, and celebrities are often coming, which attracts hundreds of new customers. We can remember, for example, the exceptional opening in Pau in 2016 which attracted over 2000 visitors.

Its strength of communication is constantly growing, as well as its worldwide popularity. After only 3 years, the brand has a community of over 500,000 young people who follow it on facebook. Do not forget to follow us on all our social networks to be aware of all the news of the brand! Facebook: ILANNFIVE.COM | Instagram: ilannfive | Snapchat: ilannfivesnap

Our Concept

ILANNFIVE, The top fashion concept in France, the french concept store!

With ILANNFIVE you have the best fashion streetwear outfits, at the best price! Our trendy items are inspired by the Urban Street universe, by the US culture and by the world's greatest influencers.

New collections with over 30 new products are coming for you EVERY week in all your ILANNFIVE stores and on ilannfive.com. The search for innovation is our priority to make every buyer find himself in ILANNFIVE fashion.

The ultra-fast fashion brand also offers a storage makes the customers shopping easier with the products stored by size in each shop. A unique customer experience, reinforced by brand communication. With a very large active community on our social media, on facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, the brand is in the digital age and is relayed by many celebrities and influencers.

Great innovation of June 2017: a new chain of shops ILANNFIVE NIGHT is launched in Paris. This new concept is that the stores are open from 4pm to 10pm, so that you no longer miss an opportunity to enjoy the best fashion and street style from ILANNFIVE!

Our Shops


7 place Henri Barbusse - 92300 Levallois Perret, FRANCE

Open from 10h30 to 19h30 from Sunday to Friday


Open from 10h30 to 19h30 from Sunday to Friday


49 avenue Gambetta - 75020 Paris

Open from 10h30 to 19h30 from Monday to Saturday


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